Preaching to the Choir That Can Sing Out of Tune: Lack of Self-Care and the Impact on Professional Decision-Making (And What to Do About It)


Being a mental health professional can be stressful and demanding. Personal life concerns and the professional’s tendency to discount self-care make the job even more challenging. This seminar will examine the links between the demands of being a mental health professional and decision-making. The goal of this interactive program is also to offer participants the opportunity to collaborate on effective ways to improve professional satisfaction and quality of life. Film clips, music and art will be integrated into the experience.


Discover common stressors and signs of job stress, as well as professional myths that contribute to burnout.

Identify relevant ethics codes associated with impairment and wellbeing.

Discuss actual and fictional vignettes illustrating the impact of stress on decision making.

Identify practical solutions to improve wellbeing.